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Mr. William Campbell, Founder and President of the Board of Directors

Mr. William Campbell is the founder of New Journeys in Recovery (NJIR) and a life long resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Campbell and NJIR have been servicing the treatment needs of persons struggling with an addiction to alcohol and other drugs in the North Central Philadelphia area for the last 17 years. His knowledge of recovery and the conviction to give excellent service and assistance to the "at risk" community have taken him on an incredible journey. The first part of Mr. Campbell’s journey began in 1968 when he opened a Methadone Clinic in North Philadelphia. Mr. Campbell participates in the Lifers program at Graterford prison and generally does not miss an opportunity to go back to his roots to encourage those who are still struggling with addictions. At present, NJIR operates programs at two locations. Mr. Campbell's vision is to open a new and modern facility that will afford an array of holistic services to NJIR clients. In June of 2006, Mr. Campbell received the City of Philadelphia's Making a Difference Award, presented by the Mayor's Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission. In 2007, he turned 75 years young was presented with congratulations from the Senate of Pennsylvania at a celebration given in his honor at the African American Museum

Mr. Campbell is a member of the FBI Community Partnership Program. He is married to his lovely wife Juanita Davidson Campbell and is the father of five daughters and two sons, the grandfather of 16 and great-grandfather of four. Mr. Campbell attends the West Oak lane Church of God in Christ under the Pastor-Ship of Horace Sheppard Jr. where he serves as a deacon in good standing. His motto could read, "LET MY WORK SPEAK FOR ME." Mr. Campbell is tireless in helping others maintain a good Christian sober life and we applaud him for his love for all people. He continues to be thankful and knows that the “U-turns” are allowed, so that people going the wrong way can turn around and start a New Journey in Recovery.


Lawrence Gallagher, MS

Mr. Gallagher started his career working as a drug and alcohol counselor in 1993. Prior to his employment working as a clinician, he helped develop several transitional living environments and recovery house residences by partnering with other recover house owner operators in the Philadelphia Area. These efforts are ongoing to the present date. Mr. Gallagher served as a volunteer in the Philadelphia Prison System from 1992 until 2004. During that time he has also served the community as a town watch-member/organizer, committee person, and acting president for Burholme Community Town-watch. Mr. Gallagher still serves on several for profit and non-profit boards. He is also CEO/President of Trinity Recovery Network, A&O Recovery Services and A&O Transport Inc He received his undergraduate degrees at Community College of Philadelphia (MHHS and a Bachelors Degree (BHHS) from Alvernia College. He also earned his Masters Degree from Philadelphia Biblical University in Christian Counseling. He is working towards licensing as a Marriage and Family Therapist.


It is our mission to provide the community with quality, cost-effective chemical dependency and associated behavioral health services, and balance the need of the persons we serve with available resources to further them on their journey to recovery.


NJIR is and will continue to be an innovative provider of treatment and education for the chemically dependent and their families and friends, delivered in a person-first, compassionate, respectful manner with a commitment to seek excellence in everything we do.


NJIR believes that chemical dependency is a treatable disease and that by embracing the values of the twelve-step philosophy, we pledge to do everything within our power to help those who cannot help themselves achieve recovery.


NJIR expects anyone associated with this facility to uphold the highest standards of ethics and moral conduct and to maintain a safe environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and dishonesty.


The staff of NJIR believes addiction is an incurable but treatable disease of mind, body and spirit. We believe treatment must address all aspects of a recovering person's life. We believe treatment is the first step in a lifelong process of sobriety and recovery. During the recovery journey, relapse may occur; but if it does, we treat relapse as an opportunity to enhance and deepen an ongoing program of recovery. We believe addiction affects all members of an addicted person's family and, consequently, family involvement in treatment and recovery is essential to the healing process. We believe recovery cannot be sustained in isolation but requires the ongoing support, encouragement and respect of others both in and out of the recovering community.


Lawrence J. Gallagher Jr.
Board Members

James Gallagher

Al Garcia – Chaplain

Charles Browning – Accounting

Joseph Console – Legal Counsel

Maya Parchuri - Advisor

Chuck Browning - Treasurer

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